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We, at Northern Operations Africa, believe that a full rounded PH is a very important trait (one that has hunted in a variety of African Countries and taken a diverse assortment of species). Being able to understand the local communities along with the fauna and flora are undeniably a must for the PHs we endorse. Professional hunters working with Northern Operations Africa are experienced and knowledgeable about the hunts they conduct. We encourage our PHs to create a lasting relationship with each of our clients, working hand in hand with them, and understanding differences among our clientele. Giving them the insight to understand the entire realm of the industry, by being part of the conventions, and meeting the clients before hand, we push to immerse our PH in more than just the actual field work.

Northern Operations Africa PHs include:

Fred Rademeyer -
Hunting Consultant, PH, Agent
Fred Rademeyer, together with his 40 years of experience of dangerous and big game hunting in Africa, is a huge asset to Northern Operations Africa, bringing an incredible amount of knowlege and know how to the whole scene of African Hunting. Fred is the father of Dave, and has joined Northern Operations Africa, to help and encourage Dave to perfect the safari company, through development and promotions. Not only does Fred join us, as a Professional Hunter, but his knowledge and past experiences on how to keep true African Hunting exciting and memorable, is priceless to the company.

Deon West - Raised in Zimbabwe and being involved in hunting from a young age, he is passionate about what he does. He has hunted in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, CAR, and Cameroon. He has been the leading PH in Cameroon for the past 4 seasons.

Thierry Labat - Born in Zimbabwe, raised in Mauritius, where he became fluent in French, allows Thierry to communicate with ease in CAR. His great work ethic, determination and good sense of humor is a perfect combination for success. Thierry has paid his dues, over many years in CAR, to build a great reputation and experience. On his CAR off season, he spends most of his time conducting hunts in Zimbabwe, where now is home.

Clint Burton - Being a hunter himself, he has developed a wide range of knowledge of big game hunting in Africa. His main focus has been Zambia and Zimbabwe, and for the past 3 years has focused on Ethiopia, where he has been very successful, especially for Mountain Nyala. Clint has also hunted Cameroon, and is becoming more and more involved in our forest safaris.

Pete Wood - Peter was born in 1975 into a family that enjoyed the outdoors and hunting in particular. After school he started the stringent Zimbabwe Professional hunters license through a very well known Zimbabwe hunting operator. He acquired his full hunters license in 1999 and has been hunting every year ever since. His high ethical hunting standards and his high repeat clientele is testimony to his hard working, go-get-it attitude. Peter is also proficient in mechanics and can speak 3 languages fluently.

Northern Operations Africa, an all-inclusive African hunting safari guide service based in the USA, specializes in trophy hunting for the Bongo, Lord Derby Eland and Mountain Nyala. Owned and operated by Dave Rademeyer and his wife Maria, Northern Operations Africa is able to provide clients across the globe with the authentic hunting experience they're after - tracking the elusive and classic spiral horns of Africa!

Mission Statement: "Very simply, we strive for the best of the best service in ALL ASPECTS. Our motto—your safari isn't over until your trophies are home!!!"

Cameroon Forest
Central African Republic Bako's

elandLord Derby Eland (Giant Eland)
Central African Republic Savannah

nyalaMountain Nyala
Ethiopia Mountains


Planning Your Hunting Trip

When planning or choosing your safari one must remember all the options, including species, type of hunt, camp type, time of year, etc. Here at Northern Operations Africa, we know that no every hunt is suited for every hunter, therefore we do more than our best to help match your preferences and skills, in order to make your hunt become a successful reality. At Northern Operation Africa, through communication and involvement, we strive to inform our clients of all the aspects of a hunt, in order to adequately match they expectations with their experience.

Remember—it all starts right here with our quick online safari planning form. You give us your details and we'll contact you about your trip.

Travel & Accommodations

All accomodations are included in the safari costs, whether it be CameroonCentral Africa Republic, or Ethiopia. Our camps are fully equipped with all the necessities, and although rustic and bush like, they don't lack comfort and class. Camps are mostly chalet-stlye,  with ensuite shower and toilets. They cater to women in many different aspects. The food is definitely a culinary experience, eating mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, accompanied by that days game meat, makes for nothing less that a flavorfull meal.

African Hunting Expedition

Hunting is an adventure. It is the whole  experience that encompasses your trip that makes it a great hunt at the end of the day. Commradory, culture, local tribes, food, rapport with PH, species encounter and taken, and camps are all things that affect your experience. Knowing this we strive to achieve a unique and complete experience on each hunt for each hunter, individually and personalized. From the planning, to the actual hunt, to the enduring friendships made, we look forward to offering you a complete experience, no matter where we take you.

Hunting Safari Pricing

We do not include pricing on the website as each hunt is personalized and unique. Offering many options, we like to hear exactly what our clients want in order to custom build the best hunt for them.

Cameroon Safaris : $32,500 - $56,500 US
Central African Republic Safaris : $21,500 - $54,800 US
Ethiopia Safaris : $33,850 - $69,350 US

Please contact us for more information.

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