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Taurotragus derbianus

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Giant Eland
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Map of the Central African Republic

Central African Republic Hunting Safari

Lord Derby Eland Hunting (Giant Eland) in the Central African Republic

Among all the antelope in Africa, Eland is considered the largest. With its subspecies, including Livingston, East Africa or Patterson's, Cape, and Lord Derby Eland. The Giant Eland, or Lord Derby, is without a doubt the most impressive of its counterparts. This majestic spiral horn is a beauty to see, as their bodies are built and structured for endurance and hold a massive set of horns that many times reach over 50 inches.

During the hunting season (January, February and March), the giant Eland are at their peak. They have prepared all year to join the herd and breed. As part of their enhancement, their necks have almost doubled in size carrying a large dewlap, that seems to hang from the lower lip. At first sight of the animal, your eyes may not know where to look, its massive dewlap, the huge set of horns, the long black hair that covers the neck, the depth of its shoulders, its neck chained by a white collar, or the animal itself. But that is it, the beauty of this hunt, is spotting the animal, and allowing your senses to interpret what you are seeing.

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Arguably the best hunt in Africa!

"As dawn breaks, we pick up fresh tracks of eland from the night before, where we notice signs of a large bull. We enthusiastically track for a couple of hours, where at many times all signs seem to point that we are getting closer; fresher dung, signs on vegetations itself, and the sweat bees that surround us. As these signs become more and more apparent, the adrenaline kicks in, as surely the herd must be close.

Any harsh movement, sound, or turn of wind, could potentially push us back to a start position. Our hunting skills kick in quickly, not wanting to lose the closing opportunity. As we stealthfully continue on the tracks, we notice that large bull track again, the sign we had been waiting for. The sweat bees augment, slowly. They tell us we are close, but don't divulge all their secrets. We don't know what to expect, so we push forward. At last we spot the herd, cast among terminalia brush, combritom, and gardenia. The excitement is uncontrollable. My eyes scan the herd of 40 plus Eland looking for large body mass, heavy bases, huge neck, a roman nose, or broomed down horns, all tell tale signs that will clearly identify the trophy we will take.

There he is. That one!!! 48, 49, maybe 50, depending on the worn spiral, I think to myself. That instant, without hesitation I know we have found the bull we were after. You ready? It's the one with the big black neck. See it?.. Take him!!!!"

The reward of this challenge is a trophy of a lifetime...
The short story above is the perfect scenario in a Lord Derby, 14 day hunting safari. All hunters arrive and depart from Bangui, the capital of CAR. Transfer to the hunting camp, a 2 hour charter included in the base rate, immediately following arrival from Paris. Clear cold streams, run through camp, attracting Western Cob and Sing Sing Waterbuck to graze closely in the opposite plains. Hunting accommodations are comfortable Bungalows with running water. The hunt itself is conducted with new fully equipped Toyota Land Cruisers, which facilitates getting on to those fresh Eland tracks by covering a large radius of well networked roads. During the 14 days you will have the opportunity to hunt the indigenous Central African Savannah Buffalo and others like Western Roan, Yellow back duiker, Red River hog, etc...

Once your safari has come to a close, you will be transferred, via charter, back to Bangui, where you will connect that afternoon to Paris.


Lord Derby Eland Price List & Hunt Options (.pdf)

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