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"I am writing to let you know what a fabulous hunt we enjoyed. Now, it may be easy for me to be pleased because of the speed of the hunt and great success and trophy quality. However, I want to express my sincere appreciation for all the other parts of a safari which you execute so well.

From the beginning, Maria"s attention to detail and willingness to help with any and all issues was without equal. She rolled with my many changes and was a big part of our making our safari great.

In Ethiopia, Dave has assembled a team from Mesfin and Kedir at the airport, thru all the people in camp, that perform their assigned tasks in a manner that made our experience marvelous.

What can I say about Dave and Fred? Smart, wise, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, resourceful, and, very importantly, positive minded. The PH makes or breaks the hunt. You guys are tops ... I could go on and on!"

—Stephen Bindon, Trijicon

"The hunt was fantastic! Every aspect of the trip was first rate. Mostly I enjoyed hunting with Thierry! We got very lucky as you know already, but in addition, the whole operation is extremely well run. Just a great all around experience which I would recommend to anyone. I have only made three previous safaris in Africa, but this one was by far the best!"

—Steve Bridges

"As far as I am concerned, the CAR safari turned out about as well as I could have ever hoped. Let me tell you I think Pete Wood is as great a PH as I have ever hunted with. That guy is the real deal and one of the most pleasant people ever to be around.

As you probably know, I ended up getting a super super Lewel's hartebeest. Even after drying it should still be top 10. I also got a pretty good buffalo, and even though my roan was not really big I was still tickled to get one. They are so very smart and were quite sparse in the area. I filled in with some other pretty nice trophies including an old warthog that was on his last leg. It was neat killing an old warrior like that, with no fat on him and all scarred up.

Again, it was a great trip and I have absolutely no complaints and nothing but praise for all of it."

—Dennis Campbell, GSCO

"I hunted the Danakil area of Ethiopia with Dave, I had a fantastic hunt, we collected some fine trophies, had fun, and I couldn't ask for a better experience."

—Larry Rudolph

"I've had many hunters tell me a Bongo hunt was the worst hunt they've ever done. All I can say is this was one of the most fantastic hunts I've ever taken and I've already made plans to go back to central Africa for other game."

—Steve Hornady

Dave is one of the true gentlemen in the hunting business. I feel very lucky that I was able to hunt with him in the Central African Republic in 2007. He is a skilled and passionate sportsman that makes the hunt not only successful but fun as well.  He was in good shape for our eland hunt and thank goodness because we had to hunt hard. Out of the 16 professional hunters I have hunted with over the years, Dave is at the top.

—Brady Knowlton

"Hunting with North Operations Africa in Cameroon for Bongo was an incredibly thrilling experience. Bongo are magnificent creatures where you measure your shot distance in feet not yards. The local food, pygmy trackers, gorillas, the dense rain forest and of course the unpredictable Bongo all make this the most unique hunting experience of my life."

—Steve Finney

"My Lord Derby Hunt in the Central African Republic was my 7th hunt with David Rademeyer in Africa.  Like prior hunts, his vast knowledge of  the local culture, terrain, flora, fauna, behavioral patterns of the sought after species and his ability to judge the quality of the animals makes for a complete experience.  The hunt is challenging, entertaining and educational. My wife, a non-hunter, who has accompanied me on each of my hunts, had a wonderful time as well.  It is difficult to put into words the quality of the experience.  David is a true professional and a gentleman.   I will never hunt in Africa without Dave as my Professional Hunter."

—Donna and Stan Boots

"We hunted with Dave Rademeyer on a Giant Lord Derby Eland hunt in CAR Feb 08. Dave is passionate about hunting and his professionalism as a PH speaks volumes in his hunting skills, his successes, and in the dynamic way he works with the hunter, the observer, and local hunting team. We bagged a great Giant Eland and made a wonderful friend. Thanks Dave for the hunt and the memories.

—Norman & Jeannine Dube

"I had a fantastic hunt with you in the CAR.   It was an intense hunt in 115 degree heat.  Some days we walked 20 miles.  It was tough and we stayed after it. I still remember the blisters and the glue from my field sneakers breaking down during an afternoon run when the wind shifted on us.   In the end we took a 50 inch 130 SCI class Lord Derby Eland.  Regardless of the outstanding outcome I had a great time with you personally and would hunt anywhere with you again."

—John Fields

“My wife, Vivian, and I really enjoyed our hunt in Ethiopia in April 2009.  We saw plenty of game and harvested every animal that we were after, including a Top 10 Nyala.  What more can you ask for?”

—Vivian & Arthur Gutierrez

"Thanks for the great effort you made with me in CAR and Cameroon – you are definitely the hardest working PH I have ever hunted with.  Your never give up attitude really helped me harvest the great species that I took.  Thank you very much."

—Leon Munyan

"Northern Operations Africa ran a superb hunt for me in Cameroon. Everything from the meet-and-greet to the send off went very well. I took a fabulous Bongo over 30" despite very dry weather. The camp is well appointed and comfortable. The food is fabulous, fresh and healthy. The area is game rich with very good trophy size. My PH was very knowledgeable of both the area and the habits of the game we were hunting. Additionally, his ability to work well with the local pygmies was instrumental in my being able to take 3 duikers and a Bates Pygmy Antelope. I would strongly recommend NOA to anyone planning to hunt Bongo."

—Walt Maximuck


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