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Dave Rademeyer was born into a family of hunters in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. From early childhood, he would either join his father, legendary PH Fred Rademeyer, on his hunts, or he would take off to explore the bush on his own. Spending days and nights out there, he learned the habits and habitats of many different animals. The more time he spent in the bush, the more he knew what he wanted to do.

Since those early days, Dave has done more than his best to turn those childhood dreams into a life's passion and seriously involved himself in the industry. When he joined well renowned Swanepoel and Scandrol Safaris in 2000, he was fortunate enough to be able to explore Africa as a backyard for hunting. He has hunted and guided in 10 African countries, and has taken well over 100 different species and subspecies with clients, most of which have been SCI Record Book material. The "never give up attitude" has allowed Dave to obtain some impressive and top quality trophies, from Ethiopia to South Africa, which have made Top 10 in the SCI record Book. Through all these years, countries, safaris, and species he has acquired endless knowledge and experience of what African hunting is all about.

Now he has transitioned himself to beginning his own hunting safari company. He hopes to offer more people the opportunity to experience his passion: hunting in Africa.

Experiencing hunting from the outside (from the client perspective), Maria E. Abascal was always intrigued by different forms, species, and types of hunting. Before her first trip to Africa, she had travelled to New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and many different destinations in North America. Having grown up in a family of hunters, it is something she loves and wants to spend doing for the rest of her life.

Then, on her first safari to Africa, she met Dave. They knew it then and still know it now—that hunting brought them together!

With all the love and passion they have for African hunting safaris, they would like to offer clients an experience from all perspectives. Dave's insider knowledge, combined with Maria's understanding of the modern day client's needs and expectations, have meshed as one, allowing them to better serve their clients.

Dave and Maria reside in Miami, Florida where they currently run the business. Contact us for more information.

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