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POPULATION: 19 million
CAPITAL: Yaoundé

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Tragelaphus eurycerus eurycerus

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BONGO Hunting in Cameroon

The Bongo, a 450 lb forest dweller, is the most elusive of the spiral horns. One would never believe how his bright orange and white stripped coat blends in with the lush green vegetation. The contrast of its vibrant color and beauty is what makes it a coveted trophy. However, despite his placid nature and riveting looks, he can be aggressive when confronted in close quarters. Some studies have shown that, although, Bongos are mostly territorial, they are known to cover an area with a 25 km radius.

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An unmatched experience!

"As the mist clears from a nights rain, we load the Toyota Hi-luxs with 4 overly energetic and enthusiastic dogs. They know they will be part of a great adventure today.

Our drive takes us through the forest, where we scout the moistened ground for any sign of what we are after. As we stop to examine a large Bongo track, we notice a family of gorillas 150 yards away on the road, including a large silverback, who beats his chest, to show his presence. Upon careful consideration and judging of that Bongo track, we decide to enter the lush forest, in hopes the trophy will be a mirror image of his tracks, an old, 450lb bull with the perfect spiral.

As we enter the forest with the pygmies and the dogs, we follow the tracks until we reach large and gun metal grey dung, that clearly marks the maturity of the bull. With that, we have the final go ahead, that this will be a nice trophy. Ten minutes have passed and we hear the dogs bark!!!! As the barking continues, we know we have bayed the bongo. The Pygmies excitement is unreal, and carries us through the rain forest, as they scurry toward the bark.

At this stage, we are locked and loaded with our open sight rifles. Weaving our way through hanging vines and dense vegetation, we approach the bark, as it gets louder and louder. We've reached the vicinity of the dogs, and still no clear view of the bongo. We push through, trying to get the slightest glimpse of its ivory tipped spiral horns. At this instant, the bongo breaks. Fortunately for us, only repositioning himself to confront the dogs, 6 yards away from us. In that instant, It's clear! An unquestionable trophy. Shoot!!!"

Bongo hunting is an experience all hunters should be part of.
It is not only the trophy, but the excitement, culture, and actual hunt that make it such a unique experience. There are two different methods to hunt Bongo, however, hunting with dogs and the pygmies cannot even be compared to mashan hunting. Joining the pygmies on an adventure, that for them is a lifestyle is quite unique. One may compare this to bird hunting, where many times the dogs are actually more impressive to watch. You are able to see, like in bird hunting, how the dogs and the pygmies work together and seems as if they actually communicate. The pygmies have been doing this for centuries and they have acquired some of the best tracking and hunting skills ever. It is quite a pleasure to see a 4 foot man carry 100+ pounds of your trophy strapped on his head with natural vegetation, and still be able to weave through the forest with skill and ease. Undoubtedly, hunting bongo in the Cameroon Rain Forest is a different experience all in all. When scurrying through the depths of the Cameroonian rain forest, and seeing your magnificent trophy within yards, you actually have to be reminded to shoot.

Bongo hunts consist of 14 days; 13 hunting days and one transfer day to camp. The point of entry is Douala. Normally clients arrive from Paris in the evening, where they are greeted by our staff and taken to their pre-reserved hotel. The following morning is a 2 hr charter to the hunting camp. During the 13 days, with weather permitting, clients have the opportunity to go for forest sitatunga, the unique and rare dwarf forest buffalo, and 3 different subspecies of duikers. The latter is also a terrific hunt, where the pygmies call in the duikers with a "distress" call. The duikers, run toward the call, and most times jump within feet of you. They are quick so you must be prepared at ALL times.

Although not permitted for import to America yet, one of the most exciting and adrenaline producing hunts is the Forest Elephant. The elephant is able to blend in so well, even with his larger body mass, that many times you are within yards of the species and can hardly make it out.

Accommodations don't only include luxury cabins, with running water, but one will have the pleasure to taste some delicious dishes from trophies taken, great bananas, mangos, and enormous avocados. The forest duiker is one of our favorite game meats in Africa!!!

Western Bongo Price List & Hunt Options (.pdf)

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